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ESDoll: Top Rated Sex Doll Shop and Custom Love Doll Factory

  Would you mind giving us a short introduction into the company ES Doll   and its products?   Yes. ES Doll first started in 2008,  ES DOLL is located in US and sale office in the US, Europe, and our factory is located in China.  Es DOLL is an international professional manufacturer specialized in the research development, production and sales of full body medical silicone  and material TPE sex dolls , and our number one priority is “ Providing the best sex dolls to those seeking sexual satisfaction ” .   ES Dolls is on the market since 2008. How has the company and the market for sex dolls changed in this time?   As we all know, there were no solid sex dolls at first, but there were inflatable dolls first, while the solid sex dolls were constantly innovated and developed by inflatable dolls. In 2008, our factory began to add the production of TPE&Silicone   sex   dolls, and only a small amount of production, because the market is very few manufacturers of solid sex dolls, after th

How to Choose an Attractive and Realistic Silicone Love Doll?

  The shape of a silicone love doll is its essence, directly related to whether it looks good, attractive, and capable of arousing our interests and desires. Some may argue that finding beautiful pictures of silicone love dolls and selecting from them is an easy task. But if you truly believe that, then get ready to be deceived. There is much more to consider! Let's explore two aspects: body and head sculpting. A . Choose the height of the love doll. Silicone love dolls on the market range from 100cm to 170cm. The weight of a 100cm sex doll is around 18kg, a 140cm sex doll is around 23kg, a 158cm sex doll is around 30kg, and a 170cm sex doll is around 35kg (the specific measurements may vary between different manufacturers). Undoubtedly, lighter dolls are more convenient for transportation, bathing, and dressing. B. Choose the golden ratio of body proportions and breast size. People have different preferences, some like curvy and voluptuous women, others prefer slender and bea

Couple Raised A Fashion Female Love Doll And Saved Their Marriage

  A couple in Texas has formed a harmonious family with a $7,000 artificial intelligence love doll robot, which they claim saved their marriage. The husband and wife, Shirley, 45, and Darris Maxie, 48, have been married for more than ten years and both feel that their lives are boring. They are so tired of each other that they even feel that this marriage once became precarious. One day the husband bought an artificial  intelligence female love doll  named Camilla. As a result, The Camilla AI love doll completely changed this stagnant water family. At first, Shirley was quite critical of this  female love doll , because this love doll completely “robbed” her husband. Darris Maxie fell madly in love with this  female love doll robot , and he would take her with him wherever he went. Whether it is eating or sleeping, the love doll Camilla will accompany him all the way. Camila is so charming, she can speak with a soft Scottish accent and talk to the couple using a custom AI personality a

American Man Falls In Love With Sex Doll After Divorce

  According to reports from US media, a man named Forde has been living harmoniously with a sex doll for over three years since his divorce from his wife. He also suggests that American men should change their outdated views and become more accepting and knowledgeable about sex products, which can help reduce violent crimes such as rape and lower the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Forde, 50 years old, is a freelancer. After he divorced his ex-wife, he didn’t want to have a girlfriend anymore, because he loved his son and daughter too much. He doesn’t want to ignore the care and love of his children. he set out to  buy a sex doll  to replace the girlfriend or wife role, he has been browsing different doll suppliers, and finally decided to buy his first sex doll at ESDOLL, he spent about 2000 dollars customizing a lifelike human sex doll from ES Doll online adult store, and then lived with the sex doll for 3 years. This sex doll is about 165cm tall, its name is  Armita , and it w

Artists Oscar Kokoschka Invented A Love Doll

  Oscar Kokoschka (1886-1980) is one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. He was born in Austria in 1886. When he was young, he fell in love with Alma Mahler, a widow much older than him. Three years later, Alma decided to end the relationship. The shocked Kokoschka decided to make a doll exactly like Alma to alleviate his miss for Alma. After the love doll was made, Kokoschka even commissioned Alma’s private tailor to make clothes for it. After the love doll was made, Kokoschka displayed the doll in public. He took the love doll in a carriage and went to the opera together, basically imitating the days before he broke up with Alma. Someone asked Kokoschka if he had a sexual relationship with the doll, but Kokoschka never answered. But Kokoschka said, “Alma will have an abortion against his will, and the love doll will always remain silent and obedient.” Kokoschka’s love dolls have inspired and inspired many people, including  the father of modern sex dolls-German surrealist Ha

What Is The Manufacturing Process Of A Realistic Sex Doll?

  Nowadays, a lot of men are found crazy about sex dolls but only few of them may be wondering about how they came to be. There is a specific process of how metal, plastic and rubber are transformed into the gorgeous creatures. Indeed, it’s quite interesting to know about the complicated process of turning material and plastic into an amazing object of desire. The actual process begins with an artist drawing and designing an attractive doll on paper. After that, the design is then used by the sculptor to manufacture three dimensional model of the doll. It is usually done using clay or plaster. And the concerned model is divided into several pieces. Remember, the model for the head which appears to be the most detailed part of the doll is made separately. Generally, the whole body is another single piece rather sometimes the models for the legs and arms are built separately. At times, molds are based on real people. In such cases, a person’s skin is covered with Vaseline or some other l

Can A Realistic Love Doll Be Your Partner In Loneliness And Anxiety?

Leaving without sex for a long time can lead to worry. This situation may also lead to depression in many cases. Men who stay alone normally find themselves in such conditions. If you are also facing the same circumstances, it would be wise to choose love dolls to get rid of many health issues caused by the lack of having sex. These dolls enable men to make use of them for satisfying their sexual desires at any time and at any place. The best thing about love dolls is that they look just like a real human-being. Realistic love dolls can efficiently cure loneness and anxiety by facilitating people with tremendous sexual pleasure. People who do not have a partner but still willing to satisfy their urge for sex can really get amazing help by making love with these dolls. Though, you would come across with a wide range of  wildest silicone love dolls in New York   today but not all of them can be the right option for you. You must select the one which suits your requirements in the bes

Everything You Need To Know About The New-age Love Doll

Human-like dolls are being loved by most of the people, these days. There are many reasons behind being appreciated and loved by majority of people across the world. These dolls can offer superb sexual discharge that cannot be overlooked in any condition. Offer wonderful companionship –  Realistic love dolls can offer amazing companionship during sex that you would have never experienced before. Permits you to explore fantasies –  The best thing about using love dolls is that it enables you to explore your sexual fantasies to the ways you mainly looking wish for. Easy to use –  Love dolls are also very convenient to make use of. These are easily movable and you can make use of it as per your specific need and suitability. Some interesting facts about these gorgeous love dolls that everybody need to know are mentioned below- Satisfy your wild fantasies without hurting your real partner –  love dolls are designed especially to help men with pleasurable sexual experie