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How To Distinguish Between High-grade And Poor Quality Sex Dolls

The authenticity of silicone sex dolls is very important. At present, the share of fake sex dolls has surpassed the share of high-quality sex dolls in the market. This is a problem that is worth worrying. Many buyers who don’t understand sex dolls can easily buy poor qulity sex dolls, here are some basic explanations on how to distinguish true and false sex dolls: Material of sex doll: The material of  high-end sex dolls  is Medical silica gel TPE, which is relatively elastic, with high hardness, white flesh, high surface smoothness, strong authenticity, harder fakes, poor elasticity, dark flesh, and a slight surface It is sticky, not smooth and unreal, just like a sex device is just a kind of sex toy without a good sense of reality and life. Odor of sex doll: High-end sex dolls have a light fragrance, some do not, almost tasteless, parallel imports have a smell, gum smell, some serious can be sick. Features of sex doll: High-end sex dolls can be used repeatedly without any problems. T