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Portugal Ranked World’s Sexiest Countries According To Search Index

According to the frequency of “sex” related keywords (sex toys, sex dolls, sexy underwear, dating apps, skills, SM, intimate sex positions) in search engine search volume, Portugal is the world’s first, and the second is the UK. The British are well-known for being conservative, unexpectedly, unexpectedly… they let themselves go fly in the bedroom. According to statistics, the most “sexy” country in the world in the past 12 months is Portugal. SM is their biggest hobby, such as sex positions, sex toys, sex dolls, penis… The top three sex toys most searched for by the Portuguese are: sex dolls, Fleshlight (male sex toys), and steel plugs. Light luxury SM taste has gradually become a trendy gameplay The second place was turned out to be British (unexpectedly, unexpectedly…). They searched the most for intimate positions, ranking the top three: reverse cowgirl style, doggy style, missionary (if you don’t know how to drop children’s shoes, please search for yourself). The most favorite ero

Japanese History After Hitler’s Invented Sex Dolls

  As we all know, Hitler commissioned a Danish scientific expert during World War II to   invented a sex doll   (or “Madame Voyage”) as a substitute for the sexual behavior of army soldiers during World War II. Later, people used this doll to make the prototype of the sex doll, but it was destroyed in the bombing of Dresden, and at the same time the pioneering role of Germany in the  history of sex dolls  was reduced to ashes. Japan is happy to take the baton of this history. But in fact, earlier, the Imperial Japanese Army had also  invented a similar sex doll  technology to provide sex life to all soldiers in the war. From a historical point of view, in the early 19th century, Europe began to manufacture such products with obvious gender characteristics and decorations. For example, there was a law in the United Kingdom at that time, which prohibits the import and sale of such “immoral” and “unmanned” products. s things. According to the literature, these “dummy” were a means of the

How To Avoid Fake Sex Dolls & Sex Doll Scams

  Sex dolls are not cheap, this is a fact. To put it bluntly, high-end sex dolls cost a lot of money, so you will want value for money. If you end up with a poor quality doll, it will be a very uncomfortable matter. So   what can be done to avoid sex doll scams? You can get advice from esdoll experts to evaluate the quality of a doll. Believe it or not, as long as you spend a few minutes analyzing your doll, there is more than one way to determine the quality of a sex doll. ESDOLL editor will familiarize you with some methods and techniques for selecting sex dolls. These methods and techniques will help you identify the design and overall quality of any sex doll. Material of sex doll The most obvious and probably the most useful method is to look at the materials used to manufacture sex dolls. Currently, there are only two materials used by manufacturers, namely TPE and silica gel. Both of these materials have certain characteristics that make them different from each other. However, i

The Easiest Sex Doll Wig Cleaning Process And Techniques

We all know that managing those soft sex doll wigs is not an easy task. What shampoo should I use? Should I use conditioner? Do you want to untie the wig before washing? When we encounter a dirty wig and want to clean it, these problems bother most of us. It must be admitted that cleaning wigs is a complex task, especially when a person is not equipped with the right tools and information. Today, the ESDOLL editor will provide you with a set of useful instructions and some additional tips to help you clean the sex doll’s wig like a professional. If you know the right technique, just like  cleaning sex dolls , cleaning sex dolls’ wigs is not that difficult. However, thinking that it is a mundane task and proceeding without considering any formal suggestions or instructions is not the right way to deal with it. At least not in this case. If you clean it recklessly, the wig may be severely damaged. So, the best way is to follow these simple steps: Untie the wig before rinsing If you don’t

A American Man Decided To Marry His Lifelike Sex Doll

  When it was reported that 36-year-old Steve and his sex doll Babe tied the knot, all this was surprising. In 2019, Steve saw the  Babe sex doll online  and decided to bring her into his life. As a result, it only took him two years to formally date his sex doll. According to the “Daily Telegraph”, Steve had been in a relationship in the past, but now he is completely obsessed with Babe. He will buy expensive shoes, clothes, and even expensive jewelry to dress her up. It’s worth mentioning that Steve has never had any blasphemous thoughts about his  sex doll companion . He said he didn’t want to assault her. Judging from online discussions, Steve is considered a gentle husband, and there have been reports that he has never even kissed his current “fiancee.” In his opinion, it doesn’t matter whether Babe is a real person or not, even whether it responds to him or not, what matters is that she is the perfect partner in Steve’s mind, giving him the warmest accompany. The ESDOLL editor is

What Is A Sex Doll?

  Unlike traditional inflatable dolls, the most important feature of sex dolls is a high simulation. Due to the use of a metal skeleton inside and medical silicone for the exterior material, the sex doll looks almost the same as a real person at first glance. In terms of the price of sex dolls, if it is a high-quality TPE or silicone sex doll, it generally costs more than $1,000, and if it is a cheaper and low-quality sex doll, it may be less than $500. Features of sex dolls Some exquisite sex dolls maintain a similar appearance to real people in appearance, especially in terms of hairstyle, face shape, breasts, etc. that are not much different from reality, helping users find the “Dream Lover”. The user can touch and kiss the sex doll, and at the same time have a “sex life” with the sex doll. It is understood that some sex dolls are reasonably designed in the vagina, such as improved lubricity, allowing users to enjoy the physiological pleasure. Some sex dolls use advanced technology(

Lifelike Sex Dolls From Experience Hall To Nursing Home

  As the output of partner Lifelike sex dolls increases, sellers are looking for more and more innovative ways to make money from sex dolls. Serge has already started putting   babe sex dolls   in his personal online store, and he has a bold plan to open up a potential new market: nursing homes. Old people can spend happy days in the company of their  partner sex dolls , which will relieve the great pressure on nursing staff and nurses. He believes that people’s attitudes towards it will improve. Except for nursing homes and other places, the experience center business has integrated sex dolls into services. The documentary filmed a  sex doll experience hall  in Barcelona, ​​where these love dolls are designed to be very realistic, without the circuits that give them life, they are more like rubber shells than real existence. Hot sex doll market As the demand for partner lifelike sex dolls is on the rise, the business of creating artificial intelligence technology is also booming. Serg

Will You Use Ai Sex Robots As A Companion?

  Robots are already making electrical appliances, cleaning houses, and making food for us-but now they are about to change the way we interact with people. Companion sex robots are essentially realistic sex dolls, with complex movements and “zones” that can imitate humans, so they can play around. Professor Noel is the chairman of the Responsible Robotics Foundation. He said that alternative work is one of the potential uses of Lover sex robots. Others include “accompany” -a technology that can comfort humans remotely. This technology already exists in companion tools on the market. A Partner of sex robots will become very realistic, with built-in heating and other functions, which can produce warmth. It will also be equipped with sensors to respond to external touches. A company is even developing a head that can talk, smile, and sing for its mate sex robot. Among them, “ Harmony ” created by American Abyss claims to be the  first sex doll  to provide “emotional connection”. Experts

Sex Dolls Provide Spiritual Comfort To Busy Modern People

  We believe that all people have the same potential to find someone to love, build a relationship, and build a family. This is a mistake that many people often make. People have various tastes and preferences, so it is often not so simple to satisfy certain lonely hearts, because of social reality, because of personal character, because of their focus on their work, or because of their own choices, they decide to imagine Find an ideal intimate couple among sex dolls. These  Realistic and Lifelike sex dolls  allow them to be cautious, safe, and authentic. These sex dolls have gained more love and rapid development in a certain group, and they hope this can develop a new fantasy. Historical emotion These sex dolls didn’t start appearing recently. They used to be called “Dutch wives”. In the nautical era, they were filled with linen and cotton wool. They were used to rescue sailors at sea or in an environment dominated by lonely people, where it was difficult for them to get a warm embra