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Sex Dolls can be high fashion models, sweet sexy girls or vampish sirens. There are almost as many kind of dolls as there are collectors, so whether you find yourself lingering amongst the pink boxes of the Toys ‘ R ’ Us doll department or gazing at the magazine photos of lifelike Ashton-Drake adult dolls, if you ’ re reading this article you ’ re probably thinking you ’ d like to start a doll collection. Where to start? First of all, collecting sex dolls  can be an expensive hobby, so be sure you know where your “ dolly dollars ” are going to come from. Many doll collectors support their hobby by sewing, knitting, or crocheting doll clothes to sell, either on EsDoll, a Website, or at craft fairs. Dolls can be like potato chips — it ’ s impossible to just have one — so be aware of your budget and space restrictions. You might not want dolls taking over your home! Second, think about what kind of dolls you ’ re attracted to. Some collectors are eclectic and like to own