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Love Sex Dolls And Leave A Heritage For Them

  The adult sex toy industry is booming at an unprecedented speed. According to statistics, in the past 2020, the global market value reached 500 billion US dollars, and one of the most expensive toys on the market is the sex doll. These lifelike sex dolls are becoming more and more popular nowadays, beautifully crafted even as high as 100,000 US dollars. Sex dolls are not only popular, but experience halls where you can inspect sex dolls have sprung up all over the world. The American Channel 5 documentary “Adult Industry: Me and My Sex Doll” explored the world of these dolls in depth. Dennis (pseudonym) owns three sex dolls, but his is a bit unusual. This single who has been married three times spent thousands of dollars on  ES DOLL sex dolls . These dolls have beautiful faces and sexy white skin. They are Dennis’s forever couple partners. But Dennis, he has been collecting these  life couple love dolls  for the past few years, not for the purpose people imagined. He explained: “They

The Companion Sex Robot “Samantha” Saved His Marriage

  The inventor of the companion sex robot claims that the companion sex robot will help save interpersonal relationships, and claims that it will also help his own communication. Robot expert Dr. Serge Santos and his 16-year-old wife Marisa are the brains of the companion sex robot “Samantha”. He said this doll can “enjoy” life. Serge is from Spain and he thinks Samantha has strengthened his patience. Samantha has three different roles, from shy to nympho. He also said that when his wife quarreled, the robot provided an emotional outlet, thereby improving his marriage. He said: “The communication between people is to yearn for each other. If a person feels that the other person cannot fully trust themselves, most people don’t like this relationship. This is also the reason for many people.” “Because my wife and I need to be with me at certain times of the day, and my wife cannot be with me. The lack of synchronization is destroying many relationships. I will not put this pressure on my

Sex Dolls Help Heal Loneliness,Depression And Anxiety

  In the non-medical field, loneliness and its accompanying increase in health risks are not unnoticed. In 2017, the former U.S. Department of Health Director Vivic Murty published an article on work and loneliness in the Harvard Business Review. He pointed out: “During my years of caring for patients, the most common disease was not Heart disease or diabetes, but loneliness. And this loneliness has doubled since the 1980s.” Now that the harmful effects of loneliness are being recognized and confirmed, what should we do? In the opinion of  ESDOLL  editors, sex dolls may be able to provide emotional support. It looks real, can provide real and true facial expressions, and can provide an important role in fighting loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Even the pure existence of sex dolls reminds us of the people we cherish, the people we like, and it may have a very beneficial effect on a person’s emotional stability and balance. So far it is unknown, there is no conclusion, and we cannot