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Is It Legal To Use Love Dolls In The US?

Are love dolls legal in the US? And the answer is yes with just one exception. The fact is that all types of sex dolls are legal in all the fifty states in the US but not the dolls which look child-like. There is a wide array of love dolls available like mini-sex dolls, torsos and full life-size dolls.   You can have the love dolls tailored to your specific needs because the main purpose is customer satisfaction. Pre-Pubescent dolls are illegal Of course, sex dolls are legal in all the fifty states in the country and there is just one small thing that buyers need to be careful about. Remember, sale and purchase of pre-pubescent and small dolls are illegal and this is where you need to hold your guards. According to the law, small dolls look like young kids which are known to promote pedophilia, a psychiatric condition where the affected person is sexually attracted to children. Although, such dolls are sold in the market by scammers but finding yourself at the other end of th