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Where The Concept Of Sex Doll Came From?

In today’s era, the sex doll industry is booming with each passing day with a lot of advancements made by the manufacturers. But have you ever thought how we reached to this point and from where did the concept originated from and how did these lifelike creatures develop into highly sophisticated companions. History of sex dolls Many trace the history of sex dolls back over 2000 years to the Roman poet Ovid. The collection of poems and myths Metamorphoses, published in 8AD included the story of Pygmalion. As the story goes, Pygmalion, a Cypriot king and sculptor, carved a statue of a woman which he given a name as Galatea who looks beautiful that he fell for her. Not only this, he also wished that she would come to life. Surprisingly, his dream came true when Galatea was brought to life by the goddess Aphrodite and Pygmalion could make love to her. Many people consider the Dutch sailors in 17 th  century as the first pioneers of sex dolls. They were looking forward to c